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Also, I just kind of quietly removed myself from a community I was kind of tangentially involved in. I actually resigned my formal position twice, over two different channels, but I think they got lost in the shuffle, so I unsubscribed myself from the mailing list, because I didn’t have the spoons to cope with it. I think it’s the right choice, but I still feel sad.

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I just got back from Eid at my parents’ place. OH MY GOD, My Dad somehow outdid himself this year with the … seviyan? The internet seems to tell me it’s spelled seviyan, although we’ve my entire life pronounced it “sevigna”. Anyway, whatever the heck that vermicelli dessert he makes was amazing this year. I even brought a pile of it home (along with several massive date squares (which my Mom calls square dates) and an entire gift tray of baklava). 

I realized at the last minute that we’d forgotten to get Eid cards to go with the gifts, so I just downloaded some PDF Eid cards from the internet that I found by Googling for them, and printed them right on plain paper. I was a little worried that it would seem cheesy, but since half the time my Dad just folds a piece of paper up and writes Eid Mubarak on it in highlighter, I figured it’d slide. Well, not only did everyone remark on how great the cards were, but after I admitted that they were just free PDFs that I downloaded and printed two minutes before we left, they all demanded that I show them how, and my Mom reminded me to make sure my Dad had the address for them several times before I left.

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For anybody who celebrates, Eid Mubarak! I hope you have a fantastic Eid and get some sweet Eidies. ;)

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Okay, I promise these are the last ones! But one of my friends took some black-and-white shots, and I’ve scanned them in and they’re really lovely. <3

Hey, look what came across my dash! Also, you two are such a cute couple. :)

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