The Mighty If!

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I went out with Sarah and our friend Beth tonight to see Ek Tha Tiger at the Albion. I went into it expecting to see something super campy and possibly hilarious in a “bad B-movie night” way, but this movie really surprised me. It was slightly slow to get off the ground, but it was basically a Bourne movie with less time spent on super intricate plotting but that slack taken up with some comedy, some romance, and a bunch of fun dance numbers and montages. And all of it, especially the stunts and actions scenes (which were easily on par woth any Bourne movie in terms of both excitement and quality) was really well done. I had a fantastic time and would recommend catching this film if it’s playing near you. As an added bonus, they gave us a free sample-sized bottle of hot sauce. (Doubly a bonus if you consider that tickets at the Albion are only $8.50, and something like half that on Tuesdays, despite it being a big theatre with a great screen and sound. You can also get a pop-and-three-samosas combo at the concessions, and all the snacks are super cheap.)

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