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Well, folks, it’s a sad day. Disney has decided to shut the doors on game developer LucasArts, the game development studio founded in 1982. While this isn’t exactly unexpected, and their point-and-click adventure days (which many consider to have been the company’s heyday) are long past, I still think that it’s okay to mourn a company that gave us not just one or two, but several of the greatest video games ever made. The game boxes shown here are from the era of their history that I personally loved most, but even these were a fraction of their output, which included many more fantastic titles over the years. For those of us who played them at their best, I believe LucasArts will always hold a special place in our hearts.

You can check out an extensive list of their titles here.  

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    Lucasarts Adventures… i don’t care if Disney closed Lucasarts Games, the day they stopped to make adventures years ago...
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