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If’s IF picks: IFComp 2012

Maybe I should start a blog, eh? “If plays IF”, or something? It seems like there’s a catchy name in there.

Anyway, I did have one person express an interest in seeing my selections for the best games of IFComp 2012.

(For those unfamiliar with IF, it stands for Interactive Fiction, and broadly can be any form of fiction narrative which reacts to input from the reader. While most of the IF that I’ll discuss is of the form many people refer to as “text adventures”, there are a lot of dynamic web narratives if IFComp which are more akin to Choose Your Own Adventures, and so on.)

IFComp is annual competition for interactive fiction wherein judges are limited to playing two hours of a game at most for judging purposes. As such, it tends to encourage shorter games, as it’s obviously more satisfying if you get to see more than a glimpse before judging. Most of the games can be played in their entirety within the two hours, in fact. Also, anybody is allowed to judge (and, in fact, the competition is still open). There are exciting prizes (of a fair bit of value), even!

Because the competition is still open, I’m going to put the actual reviews behind one of those “read more” cuts. Or at least, try to.

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IFComp 2012

Well, I’m very nearly done playing all the IFComp 2012 games! This is much better progress than in previous years, where I only ever completed a fraction of the total. I’ve got two games to go, both of which look fun. I’ll get through them tomorrow, I’m sure.

Is anybody interested in me posting links and commentary for the games that I liked? The games that I hated? All of them? Would any of you actually play them if I selected a subset as “the best of the comp”?

(For those unsure of what I’m talking about at all, IFComp is an annual Interactive Fiction competition, so these are all text-based video games of one sort or another.)

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